Rodents and your car

Swift Pest Solutions Drawing Of RatMost of our rodent related posts have focused on mice with respect to the home and how they can cause damage and problems here. It is probably worth mentioning that our homes are not the only valuable possession that can be under attack from rodents. In this article we look at why rodents are so attracted to the car and how you can keep them away.
It is perhaps easily imagined that a rodent getting into a car doesn’t take as much effort as one trying to get into a house. Once inside cars, rodents can chew away and damage various tubes, wires and other important equipment. Rodents can also crawl into vents and die leaving one of the most terrible smells that are encounterable.

How do they get in?

Rodents can enter cars generally through the following ways:
1) The air vents in the vehicle,
2) Holes around the cable or pedal areas,
3) The steering column,
4) Around the engine and under the bonnet area,
5) – perhaps the most common mistake we all make, leaving the windows and doors open.

It is also worth mentioning that mice are more likely to nest in your car in the winter so as the next few months progress, this is something to look out for. This means that outdoor carparks and even garages (which lead to the house) are potential areas of concern.

How to keep mice away?
A) Keep your car clean and free of rubbish and clutter on the inside. The same advice here applies as it would to a house. Many people are use to casting aside rubbish in their car and forgetting about it. As far as rodents are concerned, this can be an attracting force.

B) Keep litter away from the outside of your car also. By this we mean leaves, accumulated newspapers which float in the wind etc. If mice have a car plus some extra camouflage of these materials then this will prove extra an extra allure for them.

C) Cars easily become damp with moisture and condensation during autumn and winter months. Remember that water is a basic necessity for rodents so if you have an excessive moisture problem, get this investigated to stop your car being a rodent home.

D) Avoid the common mistake – i.e. remember to keep doors, windows and sun roofs closed when not in use and certainly at night. This is otherwise as good as an open invitation for rodents to come and squat in your vehicle.

No car can and ever will be totally safe from this problem, but reading the guide and following the steps can ensure you reduce your chances.

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Swift Pest Solutions Drawing Of Rat


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