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Bees And Wasps 4 – Stings

There is no doubt about it that one of the most hated things about bees and wasps and what leads us humans to dislike them so much is their defensive sting. At best stings can be uncomfortable and unpleasant while at worst they can be life threatening and (especially in

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Wasp nest under eaves of a roof

Bees And Wasps 3 – The Wasp’s Nest

In our third posting on bees and wasps we will consider the wasp’s nest. Humans in general do not like wasps, and you will struggle to find many people that do. The odd wasp here and there can be dealt with by most of us but the problems occur when

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Swift Pest Solutions Bee Comb

Bees And Wasps 2 – The Bees Nest

In the second of our postings on bees and wasps we consider nests specifically and what can be done about them. As there is so much information, we will look at bee and wasp nests as different postings. As you may have gathered from our first posting around this topic,

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swift pest solutions juvenile bedbug feeding on human skin

Dealing With Bed Bugs

​“Don’t let the bed bugs bite…”   We have all heard (and probably been terrified) by the above phrase. Chances are though many of us do not know what these creatures really are and how to deal with them if we had them. In this article we will explore a

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Swift Pest Solution Bumble Bee

Bees And Wasps 1 – Facts And Figures

As spring is advancing, and the summer approaches, our thoughts turn to longer and warmer days which will allow many of us to enjoy the outdoors more. Like everything there is always a downside, and spring / summer especially bring an increase in pests & insects – particularly the ones

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Noises in the attic

Noises In The Attic

Have you ever been sat in your house, perhaps settling down for bed or relaxing in the bath, only to hear some rather unsettling noises in the attic?

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