Noises In The Attic

Noises in my attic, what could it be? Have you ever been sat in your house, perhaps settling down for bed or relaxing in the bath, only to hear some rather unsettling noises in your attic? This is a much more common occurrence then you may realise and for many

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Swift Pest Solutions Rats Head

Reproduction Rates Of Rodents

Continuing our latest posts on the theme of rodents, in this article we will look at the reproduction rates of rodents. This will then give you a much better idea of why these pests can become a problem so quickly.   Rodents are amongst some of the easiest and quickest creatures

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Rodents And Your Car

Most of our rodent related posts have focused on mice with respect to the home and how they can cause damage and problems here. It is probably worth mentioning that our homes are not the only valuable possession that can be under attack from rodents. In this article we look

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Rats foraging for food

10 Facts About Rats

​Mice and rats are creatures we as humans do not take very kindly to. The obvious inconvenience and health hazard they cause mean we barely stop to think about them beyond getting rid of them. Did you know however that rodents are quite clever and intelligent creatures? Whilst we aren’t

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Swift Pest Solutions Rat Feeding By Water

Why Rodents Love Our Homes

As the summer starts to fade and we move into autumn thoughts turn away from pests of the summer such as wasps and turn into more winter issues with rats and mice featuring quite highly. Of course rats and mice can and do occur at any time of year, but

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Swift Pest Solutions Cat And Mouse

Our Top 10 Popular Pest Myths

Like any industry, there are facts and fiction which circulate its existence. In our latest blog article we look at some of these related to pest control. You will probably be quite surprised at some of these and learn some valuable knowledge along the way! M1) Mice are attracted to cheese

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Top Tips To Keep Rats and Mice Away From Your Home

No one likes pests of any sort when they are close to the home. These at best can be an inconvenience and at worst can cause destruction and devastation. If you conducted a random survey of the worst possible creatures that could constitute pests in or around the home, it

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