Our Top 10 Popular Pest Myths

Swift Pest Solutions Cat And Mouse

Like any industry, there are facts and fiction which circulate its existence. In our latest blog article we look at some of these related to pest control. You will probably be quite surprised at some of these and learn some valuable knowledge along the way!

M1) Mice are attracted to cheese
A) This is something which many of us learn as children as references to it are often found in children’s programme or cartoons. Truth be known, mice actually prefer foods which are high in sugar rather than dairy, so perhaps this might be more of an effective trap bait.

Swift Pest Solutions Cat With FleasM2) Get a cat and all your rat problems will be solved.
A) Whilst a cat might help this is not totally true. Cats can only catch rats where they see then and can get to them. The trouble with rats and mice is that they often exist and in areas where they can’t be seen or reached. This doesn’t help with the bigger problem. It is also somewhat of a myth that cats are rat catchers, as not every animal is interested in doing this!

M3) Use lots of pesticide for best results
A) Less is actually more! By applying too much you can actually make the end result less effective and it also means that the target can become resistantt to the insecticide in a similar way to how antibiotic resistance is becoming a problem in humans – they are overused.

M4) Ultrasonic devices can keep pests away.
A) This is quite a popular one with people and many such devices exist on the market which promote that they can do just that. Research has shown that there is no firm evidence of this actually working and so the practice is a little questionable despite it being well known.

M5) If my house is clean there will be no bed bugs.
A) Bed bugs thrive on drawing blood which is extracted through biting hosts. As such it doesn’t matter how clean or dirty your home is, because this is irrelevant for getting what the bed bugs need.

M6) Boiling water will kill ants.
A) Whilst this is true to a certain extent it will only kill the ants it comes into contact with and will do nothing for those which live deeper in the nest where the water can’t reach. Once the water cools, it will be ineffective also.

M7) I can cope with the pests myself.
A) Perhaps if your problem is very small scale or localised then you might be able to tackle yourself. However if the issue larger or more complicated only a pest control expert can ensure you fully and confidently eradicate the problem.

M8) Rats are dirty.
A) Surprisingly enough, no! There is a difference between being dirty and spreading disease / germs. We might think the two go hand in hand but not necessarily. Rats do spread disease and need to be eliminated, however of theirselves, they are actually quite clean creatures!

M9) Blocking up a wasps nest entrance will kill the wasps inside.
A) The opposite can be true. The wasps will try to find another route out and this could be in the last place where you would want it such as inside the house. They will likely be very aggressive by this point also. Avoid doing this.

M10) If I see no pests I have no problem.
A) This is one we all fall foul of as humans – waiting until a problem arises because it isn’t a problem until that point. The truth is that prevention goes a very long way. Having some assistance at a very early stage can save you a lot of hassle later!

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Swift Pest Solutions Cat And Mouse

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