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Protection from stinging bees

Bees are a common site in our gardens during the spring and summer. Bees are ‘worker’ insects and generally do a fantastic job at helping to aid pollination. One of the most common types of bee recognised is the honey bee, and these also have a very obvious and real purpose.  Unlike wasps, bees tend to be more socialable and less aggressive, although, like wasps they will attack if provoked or threatened. Bees stinging capacity ranges from not being able to do it at all, through to being able to sting multiple times.   Just like being stung by wasps, bee stings are mildly painful and uncomfortable but only normally cause local effects. For some people however, severe allergic reactions can also result from bee stings so caution is needed. It is possible to reduce or avoid the risk of being stung altogether, by taking simple sensible and practical steps. 

How to spot a bee

Bees tend to be smaller and plumper compared to wasps, although honey bees can take a similar shape to wasps but again are usually smaller. Bees range in colour from all black or brown through to those consisting of a mixture of orange and yellow colours too. Another common difference between bees and wasps is the covering of their body – bees tend to have a ‘hairy’ surface whereas wasps look shiny. Most wasps have distinct black and yellow colours, which makes them easy to spot – therefore anything other than this is probably most likely to be a bee.​

Bee or wasp

Bee Removal

The first step in identifying whether you need bee removal is to actually get sight of the insects first so you can determine what they are. The location of potential nest is also important. Be careful in difficult spaces or at a height which can be dangerous situations in their own right. 
Honey bees have a useful purpose in the environment and you may find that by locating and ringing a local bee keeper solves you of the problem.
Individual bees inside the house can generally be dealt with by leaving windows open for them to fly out. Several bees, swarms and nests require a more precise action plan and these are situations where you may need bee nest removal services.  
As long as bee nests are situated away from entrances to the home and other trafficked areas they generally will live in harmony with you so long as they are not disturbed. If unsure, you would be wise to seek an expert opinion.




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