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Swift Pest Solutions Mouse In GrassContinuing our latest posts on the theme of rodents, in this article we will look at the reproduction rates of rodents. This will then give you a much better idea of why these pests can become a problem so quickly.
Rodents are amongst some of the easiest and quickest creatures that breed which is why containing them can be such an issue. Even if you have a handful of rats to start with and feel these are reasonably contained, the numbers can grow above hundred and beyond very rapidly so quick action is key.

Some statistical facts

It is generally accepted that the following apply to rodents:
* One female rodent can give birth to up to five different sets (litters) of baby rodents per year.
* Rats reach sexual maturity in as little as just over a month!
* An average litter size can be as low as three but as high as fifteen.
* Females are pregnant for no longer than 3 weeks.
* There is only a one day ‘recovery period’ between a female giving birth and being able to start the process again.
* There is no set breeding season like with other creatures, therefore activity can occur in any or all 12 months of the year if conditions are suitable.
With facts like the above it is easy to see why rodents can become a problem so quickly. Thinking about how fast rats reproduce probably isn’t top of your list of thoughts but the numbers can be quite shocking, scary and worrying. To look further at this we need to turn to good old maths. Let’s imagine just one pair of rats. This probably doesn’t sound too alarming, even perhaps with factoring in some of the statistics mentioned above. Let’s then imagine you are somewhere you don’t notice a colony or are unable to stop / control it for a period of time. In just one year the total amount could be as high as 1,250 individual rats! 

Such high numbers even for much shorter periods of time (months or weeks) can still produce substantial figures. It’s reasonable also to assume that unless drastic action is taken enough will be able to continue to survive to escalate and grow the numbers further once again.
What can be learnt from this? If you discover even just one single rat the alarm bells need to start ringing to take action. Call a pest controller and get the matter investigated as soon as you can. As the figures above prove, you cannot afford to waste time!
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