Top Tips On How To Keep Rats Away From Your Home

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Swift Pest Solutions Rat On GroundNo one likes pests of any sort when they are close to the home. These at best can be an inconvenience and at worst can cause destruction and devastation. If you conducted a random survey of the worst possible creatures that could constitute pests in or around the home, it is highly likely that most people would say rats or mice. This is with good reason – rats are responsible for carrying a great amount of disease and infection which can make humans or pets seriously ill. That is without mentioning the dangers associated with rat’s bites and how they can destruct your property by eating parts of the infrastructure, cables etc. In this article we look at the main ways you can kept rats away from your home so you can stay protected. 

1) Look carefully for entry and exit points.

Rats and mice need to find a way into your home before they can nest there and start to take over it. One of the best ways to stop this outright is to go around all the external areas and simply fill or block all of the entry points which you think can be big enough for mice or rats (5mm for mice and 12mm for rats) to get through. This might seem simple but in reality it can be very difficult as these creatures can find their way through the unlikeliest of places, or it can be sometimes impossible to find every single entry point. As tedious and hard as this might be, we advise you to do it as it can save a lot of hassle in the long run.

2) Control rubbish.

Rubbish is a great attractor for mice and rats so therefore this must be kept to a minimum or dealt with completely to reduce your likelihood of having rodents. Ensure all rubbish is promptly disposed of and, if outside, preferably in bins with lids where smells can be kept to a minimum. This especially applies to food waste. Rats are always in search of food so if all your food sources are kept locked away, there will be no point in the rats giving you a visit. Be mindful of pet food including bird food within this also. Furthermore, watch out for general rubbish that can accumulate inside or outside the home as this is also likely to act as a ‘magnetic attraction’ for these creatures.

3) Sort out potential hiding places.Swift Pest Solutions Small Mouse

Rats and mice are always being hunted. It is because they are hunted that they crave and seek good hiding places. By limited these hiding places you stand a good chance of avoiding seeing these rodents as your space simply won’t be appealing to them. Things to think about here include clutter around the home, an overgrown garden, objects which are by walls (which thus create a hiding place) etc.

4) Traps etc.

If you suspect you have rodents then there are plenty of products or devices on the market which can help with the problem. How effective these are do vary however and if not used correctly could make the situation worse. Certainly for peace of mind or for large scale problems you would need to contact a professional pest controller.

Rodents are very clever creatures and you need to be aware of this. As they say, the best tip for conquering the enemy is always to be one step ahead of them. By following our tips, you should well have the upper hand!
For further information please visit our rats & mice page.

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