Why Rodents Love Our Homes

Swift Pest Solutions Rat Feeding By Water

Swift Pest Solutions Rat Feeding By WaterAs the summer starts to fade and we move into autumn thoughts turn away from pests of the summer such as wasps and turn into more winter issues with rats and mice featuring quite highly. Of course rats and mice can and do occur at any time of year, but there seems to be a greater association with them as the nights get longer and days colder.

Rodents are in existence anywhere, everywhere and at any one time. There is a chilling saying that goes ‘you are never more than 6 feet away from a rat’ which puts the thing into perspective.

Whilst it might be a bit of a strange thing to say rats are a normal part of life, we generally do not see them and therefore are not bothered by them. The problems start to begin when they come closer to our living space and then we (understandably) tend to panic. Have you ever actually stopped to think why rodents love our homes so much? In this article we will consider some of the reasons.

It has been said that rodents tend to have three basic needs – shelter, water and food. With this in mind, it is no wonder they find the house such an attractive option. Let’s have a closer look at some of these:

1) We have talked about colder nights and shorter days already. We all are aware of that lovely appeal that a cosy warm house brings on an advancing autumn evening or night. Not only is this true for humans, but for pets and pests (rodents) too. The home provides an ideal place of shelter that is of refuge for rodents from the outside world.

2) Following on the same principle, as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder we naturally tend to feel hungrier and eat more. This is a primal yearn that is in our genes. Animals generally behave in the same way. The autumn and eventually winter bring a decrease in overall food supplies available so it becomes more in demand. This is the point when we find that rodents can become more attracted to the home in search of supplies. If you have left food that is within easy access, then the lure will be too hard to turn down.

3) The space inside your house can also have an impact on a rodent invasion. Mice love easy entrances to get inside a property, but once inside, like to find clever and deceiving hiding places. These can often be in the places where you can’t see or reach. Remember that mice can build a nest out of a wide range of materials and are willing to drag these from far if they find somewhere suitable.

Solving some of these problems might not be so easy as it sounds. Are you going to purposely make your home cold during the autumn to keep rats away? Obviously not, but knowing some of the reasons why rodents are attracted to the home can better inform you to approach the problem.

If you do have a rodent problem then you are best to get a pest expert. These are the only people who can handle a difficult job. In the meantime however you may find our other blog post on rats useful, concerning keep them away from your home.

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Swift Pest Solutions Rat Feeding By Water

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